Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 19: The Save Pile is Growing

So, you might have noticed that yesterday I referred to a "save" pile.  It's true, I have begun stock-piling treats to scarf consume at the end of the cleanse.  Perhaps this isn't the healthiest way to approach the last week of a three-week cleanse, but whatever get's you through; don't judge.

Sweet & Sara chocolate-covered marshmallow bat

Two weeks in and I've admittedly learned a lot.  For starters, I hate green juice.  Just kidding!  Well, not really, but that's not what I'm referring to.  Most importantly, I learned that I'd forgotten about clean, raw food.  Yep, I said it.  I am a sweets fanatic, but I'm still the same girl who was excited to go to an elementary school birthday party where they served carrots and celery.  I am confident that goodies like raw asparagus, zucchini, and peppers will remain in my repertoire.

I've also learned to try new things- from an avocado shake (meh) to raw, spiralized spaghetti (yay); the worst that can happen is that you don't like it and you move on.

Exercise: I hate that too.  But even my car goes in for service every few months, so shouldn't I take some care of my bod?  Sure, it's a pain to pull on those exercise clothes and get to it, but a half hour as often as you can work in during the week will make your body feel better.  And you know what else?  More snacks, less guilt.

As for what I'm eating right now...for breakfast I had sliced cucumber.  Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but I really begrudge the juicer; we're not currently on speaking terms.  Would I have rathered something beige- cereal, a bagel, oatmeal, or anything with maple syrup?  Certainly, but no juicing doesn't mean no cleansing.  It's going to be a green veggie breakfast week; I'm in the home stretch.

For lunch I actually went to a nearby cafe and assembled a salad.  I like the idea of a buffet (take as much as you want of whatever you want), but generally not the price or the germ factor.  Today, with nothing in tow for lunch, I made an exception.  Ok, I admit that I hung around and waited for them to replace each plate before I partook.  Really.  It was lunchtime; it didn't take that long.  Mixed greens, cauliflower, pearl onions, red pepper, white carrots, tofu, peas, purple onion, pecans, a splash of olive oil and a boatload of red pepper flakes:

I had so many complaints about it, though, that I was quickly reminded to make my own damn salad!  It's tastier, cheaper, and all-around-better.  Also, no sneaky bits of cilantro.  Seriously, does it have to be in everything?

Dinner was a bit sketchy, as I had something to do after work that prevented me from arriving home in time for what I would consider a timely dinner (I don't like to eat late).  I was exhausted (still) and knew I had to prepare lunch for the rest of the week: purple kale salad with green goddess dressing (AFR p.26), so I split the difference and simply ate for dinner whatever didn't fit into my lunch containers.  Note: this dressing is RICH.  I added cucumbers, but tomatoes would have been even better.

Oh yeah, one more thing to add to the "save" pile: old school globe chocolates like they used to sell at Down to Earth!

Yes, I literally bought two bunches of purple kale and two Earth balls.  I'm not proud.  Aw, who am I kidding?  Yes I am.


  1. Yesterday I bought two bunches of kale, a head of local cauliflower a bag of baby carrots, oil free baba ganoush (hate eggplant, LOVE the whole foods packaged baba, wth?) annnnnnnnnd a package of our tofu chocolate mousse! LOL. Balanced diet, yo.


    Also, you have discovered why I run.
    "More snacks, less guilt." LOL. I bought a sweat band recently that says "I belong to an eating club with a running problem." My running bestie and I just about wet our pants in the middle of the expo, we laughed so damn hard. I also have a sweatband with a open mouthed shark and OMNOMNOM written underneath. :D

  2. reconsider your save pile... replace it with lentils and collards ;)

  3. Melissa, The cauli & the carrots I had already ;-) You should have a cross-country tour of your sweatband collection!

  4. It really is sad how many bondibands I have. It's like... double digits. So many are funny, though!

    And I've googled "races in NY" more than once lately, lady. I fully intend to come to your neck of the woods for an eat and run extravaganza! And crash your place like an uninvited, unwelcome stray cat. ;)

  5. Melissa, that sounds fab! You can run with Anonymous & eat with me! Ok, Anonymous can eat with us too. Lula's for all. Here, here and hallelujah.

  6. Honestly, I think a save pile is a great idea - you said it; whatever keeps you going. And maybe by the end of the cleanse, you'll have a cool stockpile and not want it and then you don't need to buy halloween candy for the trick or treaters....right? ;)
    It is funny though how MoFo and the cleanse end on the sweetest of treat days!

  7. ff- to make matters worse, I just found a new stockpile of no less than 100 6-packs of oreos in my parent's house- putting my save pile to shame. I know it's for trick or treaters, but couldn't they have hid them? I'm not a huge oreo fan, but of course now that's all I can think about. Oreos. Oreos in soy milk. Oreos in ice cream. Oreos baked into chocolate chip cookies...

  8. It's all about balance. Once the cleanse has ended, you may not find the sweets as great as before, or eat them as often. But if having them dangling before you to get you to the finish, then good for you knowing how to keep yourself on goal. Just keep eating the kale and all will be well. :)


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